High-Tech Base – Part 1: ReLIVE your epic rides! Relive makes freaking awesome video recaps of your bike rides on 3D map for FREE.

 Relive just easily turns your cycling training or/& epic ride into a personal video worth sharing with your friends or/& with the public. Fly over your route on a great 3D map, & see where you’ve been, plus view your highlights!

How does is it work?

 Connect your favourite tracker app (Garmin, STRAVA) to Relive & the miracle just happen! After this Relive will take care of things. Once you had an activity & it’s uploaded to STRAVA or/& Garmin, You’ll shortly receive an email with a link to your video , so after every ride you save to your tracker app (only Strava or Garmin are supported right now).

Note: your Relive video will be made by your STRAVA activity always (even if you linked, connected your Garmin & STRAVA profile both to Relive) but if your activity only available on Garmin, you will get your video by your activity data on Garmin but never get from STRAVA & Garmin both.

Relive also captures geotaggeed images taken along your ride in much the same way Strava connects to your Instagram feed. These images will appear (at the same point they were taken during your ride) in your video.

(Note: At the moment Relive can include a maximum of 10 photos in your Relive video, selected randomly.)

ReLIVE in pictures

The website, where you can re-watch your cycling videos in the latest version, new design

Screenshots was taken from 1 of my latest training ride


At the end of the video you will receive a short summary too about your main ride stats, such as: elevation, distance, time & average speedUntitled-5

Summary at the end of the ReLIVE video from

one of my most difficult ride in the last year

with the old design of ReLIVE site.


As you can see on the screenshot, under the video you also get a direct link to see your activity on your STRAVA or Garmin too if you wanna take a quick visit there too just to check all your stats about your epic ride.


If you are never heard before about Relive, then good to know:

At busy moments (weekends) it can take up to a few hours before your ride is processed & you will can get your video via e-mail. Also make sure to check your spam folder.

Also: “Please note, your ride should be:

  • Longer than 10 kilometres
  • Under 12 hours

Tracked with Strava? Make sure your ride is:

  • Uploaded as a cycling activity
  • Immediately uploaded as public
  • Not tagged as a “commute”       ” -As the FAQ says on the official site of ReLIVE.

Anyway, my personal experience, I already receive videos about my 6km short rides too but officially only minimum 10km rides supported at the moment. (Maybe I just get from my shorter rides video too, because I’m a user of Relive from the opening, beginning.)

I can confirm also, you will receive a video about your ride only when your ride less than 12 hours long BUT it means: your MOVING TIME instead of your TOTAL ELAPSED TIME. So for example I received video from one of my almost eleven hours long ride where the total elapsed time for my activity was 15 hours & 23 mins.

Future possible updates, features on Relive:

 Music for your Relive videos, more pictures, names on the 3D map for the bigger settlements or/and for the significant places where you rode during your ride. Also would be great if we can change the replay speed of the Relive videos just like on the YouTube videos or for example on the FlyBy STRAVA app. Also possibly on a future version of Relive we will be able to receive videos about longer rides than twelve hours, so for example when we do an epic 24 or 48 hrs challenge ride.

Latest feature of Relive:

You can see & share your favourite adventure on one place, on your mobile / smartphone right now!

You can revisit your latest adventures and add the best ones to your Memories. The Relive app for Android and iPhone is out now!

 Just to summarise:

Relive in the current state is already worth to try,

a really cool app & it’s also fully FREE to use!


Relive, official site – Visit their page to find out more & join today

Relive on Twitter 

Relive on Facebook 

So, what are you waiting for? Pedal to the metal,

(or pedal to the medal, as you wish)


Share your EPIC rides, adventures with your friends via RELIVE now for FREE! 🙂


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