Less than 3 DAYS TO GO: My previous efforts so far yet in 2017 – My training sessions for Saddleback Fred Whitton cycling challenge sportive #2 (Update)

As I mentioned before in the 1st part of this article, I want to finish the 2017 Fred Whitton road cycling challenge in decent time, so I aimed myself to able to do under 7 hours. Still, it’s not under 6 hours to do this route like some professionals did previously but since I’m not a professional & I don’t have anymore time for training, I think it’s just more than enough challenge to me. The route is 180 km (112 miles) with 3950m of total elevation. Some riders was able to do this course during the previous Fred Whitton challenges just over 12 hours, so the 7 hrs will be really great achievement for me with my current road bike & fitness level.

As a final summary of my training efforts for Fred Whitton, I did half-marathon runs twice in this year for example. It’s a quite big achievement by me, since I didn’t run much before (last year I ran only approx. 40 km all together), but I was able to do my 1st half marathon ever in this year under 2 hours.  I had also some great duathlon (run-cycle & run again) training sessions in this year. I also started to go in one of my local Gym regularly in this year for some extra workouts. My runs basically my main cardio-training, meanwhile in the Gym I try to focus mainly on weight training exercises to boost my overall fitness level a little bit.

I also started to care more about my nutrition & food supplements, but I will write about more in the near future in one of my next article.

 As a really fresh, recent update in my progress, current training efforts I can only write: 

Less than 3 DAYS TO GO!!! 😀 …So, what does it mean?

 Well, I didn’t read about too much before, just try to use my common sense, so the most important thing I do now: try to save my legs for the event, for the Fred Whitton Challenge. That means: much less runs to be able to have enough time for recovery, also to avoid any injuries, plus I give it less stress now for my joints in my legs without my usual, longer runs.  I also go less now into Gym & take less time in the Gym, basically by the same cause as I skip my longer runs now.

 Still, I’m not just sitting at home now but I had some long-distance ride training in the recent, last few weeks to be sure about my endurance level too, my legs will be ready for the 112 miles challenge.

 Some of my recent long-distance rides, you can check out on Reilve & also on Strava for example!^

  • 167.8km        See on 3D map by Relive or chack out my training ride on Strava
  • 7:29:17
    Moving Time
  • 1,301m
  • 171.8km     See on 3D map by Relive or chack out my training ride on Strava
  • 7:40:04
    Moving Time
  • 927m
  • 27.4km       See on 3D map by Relive or chack out my training ride on Strava
  • 1:02:15
    Moving Time
  • 145m
  • 67.1km       See on 3D map by Relive or chack out my training ride on Strava
  • 2:28:28
    Moving Time
  • 207m

 Also, by my training efforts now I spend more time with the maintenance of my bike, to be sure all of them are ready now for this season. That means, I cleaned all of my bikes properly, plus changed, replaced the old, worn-out parts on my bikes, plus after that, I properly adjusted all of the new parts on my bikes. Because, how should I achieve any great result on Fred Whitton challenge without a proper road bike, isn’t it? 🙂

 I will coming with more articles in different themes about sport after

the Fred Whitton challenge, so after 7th of May, stay tuned!^

New break pads, plus new tyres are on my full carbon race road bike
Two of my road bikes after I finished with the maintenance works on them. Break pads, tyres  & tapes on bars are replaced with new. At the end also checked & adjusted the breaks + gears & derailleurs, ofc. Oh, yep! Btw, I really like Boardman bikes! 🙂

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