Unlimited exercise can come back very soon, will be allowed in the UK & more lockdown related info

Hi all,

First of all I hope all of you and your beloved ones are well!

This article related to the current situation in the UK only, so from wherever your read this on the globe, just keep this in mind please.

So Boris Johnson’s five-step plan to lift UK out of lockdown over six months just emerged today. This means even in the best scenario this whole lockdown can be over not earlier than October. But that means tracing app will be effective and all the other social-distancing measure so we won’t have a second outbreak of this new type of Coronavirus.

On the bright side I can mention from this five-stage, or five-step plan for example when we can have unlimited exercise again. So far as we know it’s planned to happen from next Monday, so on 11th of May.

 The source of this info the Mirror, which says: “…The Mirror understands a draft 50-page plan has been drawn up to get the country back to normal…” 

So, this info is not official at the moment so far as I understand because on Sunday will be announced by the government & during Sunday, plus Monday we will get more accurate and every info about this by the government via their official channels.

 So why we weren’t allowed earlier for unlimited exercise during lockdown but we will be allowed for unlimited exercise soon again when we still have the lockdown?

Well, as I wrote above, more official info about that coming soon on Sunday but what I think: yes, maybe it’s doesn’t make sense at first glance but earlier the UK had to be prepared just in case with enough space in hospitals and enough number of NHS staff for more COVID-19 patients. So from this “unlimited exercise” I can assume, right now, it looks like they can cope with the amount of COVID-19 patient so for example if we go for a all day / long-distance ride as “unlimited exercise” and in worst case we have an accident and we need help, then the emergency organisations and the NHS actually can afford to have, provide for us that as well.

As part of the five-step plan, the NHS contact tracing app coming soon UK wide.

But wait a second and just a hint: Do NOT download & install any non-NHS COVID-19 / Coronavirus tracing app! They can provide only less accurate info, data and provide false security feeling. Also these type of non-official tracing apps even can include malware software just to gain access to personal info.  Also keep in my mind always the limits on what the technology can provide to us. First of all always wash your hands & don’t forget about social distance and always follow your local, current official guidance.

 Yes, I hope too, all day exercise can really come back very soon in the UK during this lockdown-period, since it’s a really beautiful place!

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…Also maybe we can see as a good result of this anyway really bad lockdown, the bike business booming, also possibly more cycling roads will be built in the near future in the UK since more and more people try to avoid public transport and instead using bikes to get into work or to shop. Also many people who previously had problem to find enough spare time for daily exercise before the lockdown, now during the lockdown maybe can afford from their time too to have a little daily exercise. So we shouldn’t be surprised if many people who previously we never seen to have daily outdoor exercise, now they are having too. Fresh air and vitamin-D in natural form also important for everyone, not just for professional cyclists for example. So just please be patient and polite and make sure to follow always the social-distance rules and all of the current, local lockdown guidance. Outdoor exercise in the UK is allowed to anyone, not just for me or not just for you but we must follow the lockdown guidance during our daily exercise too, so do not try to do right now during the lockdown your new PR and KOM on Strava for example because first must be always the health and safety! 😉

Stay safe, and stay strong all during and after the lockdown! 🙂

…And at the end some very simple & clear pictograms about the mask debate.

I personally recommend to cover your nose and mouth, having some short of mask when you are in public for example in crowded streets, when you must go to grocery or pharmacy for example. Especially, indoor areas the virus can exist longer even in the air like in groceries, pharmacies and workplaces such as office and factories, etc. we should wear as well. So when you are on the countryside for example in the middle of nowhere to have your daily exercise just on your own (or with people from your household), which can be just a nice walk as well for example, then of course no point to wear a mask. But still, great if you always have because you can get in emergency situation anywhere. And we already know we can have this new type of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) without any symptoms. So this masks can help first of all for others around us, we can protect them with our mask, we can prevent to infect them if we actually accidentally have the virus but without symptoms.


Understanding the difference. N95 Respirator for hospitals, for the NHS staff for example & not for the public. Surgical mask is the way for the public or for example reusable masks but reusable masks must be cleaned, washed often. Source of this picture.



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