2 days off meant: 36 hrs without sleep, 31 hrs cycling & climbing with breaks from Liverpool 2 Snowdon Peak & back – Summary, YouTube video & pics

Short summary about my adventure in numbers

 This 333 km ( 207 miles) ride with 3635 metres (11926 feet) of total elevation within 19 hrs & 4 mins. of moving time with my extra weights (clothes, tools & equipment, 1st aid kit, food & drink, spare parts for my bike & so on) for this solo ride / tour & adventure on my 2nd lightest road bike, plus the climbing to Snowdon Peak instead of having some proper rest, break between my rides from Liverpool to Snowdon & back without sleep for 36 hrs was really challenging but also a fantastic experience! ^^ 😀

(The climbing / running & walking to Snowdon Peak from the bottom was only 6 km up & 7 km down (I chosen a little bit longer but easier track to go back) but I had to make some ascent (735 metres / 2411 feet) to up & ofc., after that I had to descent 735 m to back until the bottom. And the night ride from Snowdon back to Liverpool just started after that. 🙂 )

About my experience during this ride

 What was really interesting to me (kind of new experience), how much you can achieve, after you just decided (within only a second(!)) to make it. The power of our will.

Yes, I experienced this before but not so many times in a relatively smaller time interval as during this sleepless 36 hours. 🙂

I planned this route to ride approx. 6 months ago already but during winter & spring the weather was always totally awful to do outdoor sport for all day or when finally the weather wasn’t too bad, I had to do something else in my spare time. But now, last week the weather forecast was very promising plus I had enough spare time to do so. That’s where I already had to start to make some decision. Because on the morning before the start, when I woke up in my bed at 4 AM, the weather in Liverpool actually doesn’t really looked so great to be in the saddle for all day. It was a cloudy, dark, a little bit of windy & nearly rainy weather on this morning. Yep, I wasn’t quiet happy about this sad weather.

So, 1st I decided to wake up from my bed at 4 AM but I wasn’t sure then, I will really make it an all day ride. I just slowly woke up, made my coffee, my breakfast & so on. Before 5 AM then I made my final decision: “DAMMIT! I been waiting for this opportunity for too long already! I must try now or never!” I thought that & told for myself that & checked one last time bike, tyre pressure, the packs, etc.

 At 5:17 AM (21st of June, 2017) I started my ride finally from Liverpool. Of course as always, after a couple of minutes I had to realise again: if we make plan, pretty sure something will be happen to force us to make it another plan. Only this morning the Queens Tunnel was closed from the traffic (this tunnel is the only in Liverpool, where cyclist are allowed to go across under the River Mersey & only late & early hours, when the traffic is quiet, not so busy). So I had again a decision: find a new track or choose another destination & leave it Snowdonia for next time to discover.

Well, I found a new track, plus the weather was still cloudy but after a few hours was already pretty warm & after 9 AM was already quiet hot, plus some sunshine arrived as well finally. Also the wind stopped totally, so all in all my mood turned out well after 9 AM already & I was glad I continued my ride straight into Snowdonia.

And I arrived to the bottom of the Snowdon mountain around 6PM. It wasn’t a race but just a solo ride just for fun so I took much breaks & photos as was possible, since I 1st time visited Snowdonia! 🙂 My moving time was less than 9 hrs in he saddle but since it was a solo ride without any support, I had to carry a lots of clothes & tools, equipment & food & drink. Especially, I had to be sure I always have enough drink even in the middle of nowhere, since this day was for ages ago the hottest day in Snowdonia. Local people are just mentioned, told me when I met with them there in the villages & farms. I had to agree it was really hot, excellent weather to me for an all day adventure, all day of ride & climb. 🙂
So, after a break (I changes my shoes for climbing, etc.) I started to climb to the summit of Snowdon mountain at 6:21 PM & reached the top after 2 hrs. My moving time was only 1 hr & 21 mins. but yep, ofc., I took tons of pics during my climb, the views was stunning, landscape was so brilliant from the Snowdon mountain! 🙂

By the way, so far I had only once more a situation, where I had to make again a big decision:

I already rode in the saddle nearly 161 km on this 1st day and I was heading up to the Snowdon Peak but when I made already more than the half way to the summit, the weather suddenly changed: darker, bigger clouds & strong wind arrived with the smell of the rain. Also in the same time, I just met with a climber, who just came beck from the top & he is mentioned to me, probably some storm coming soon there. So, I had to decide to continue or stop my way to the summit & go back before the weather getting worst.

I chosen to do not stop but continue my way, since relatively i wasn’t too far from the summit already, plus I carried enough wind + waterproof clothes for this kind of situation. And yes, I just made it the right decision again, the weather again turned out well, when I just finally arrived to the top of the Snowdon mountain! 🙂
 At 8:25PM I headed back to the bottom from the summit, the back way was a little bit less than 2hrs.
Then I had a break again, I changed back my shoes for cycling & so on & I started then my night ride at 10:37PM from the bottom of the Snowdon mountain in the middle of nowhere, from the middle of the mountains of Snowdonia. 😀

To be honest, my ride didn’t go too easily between 2 AM & 4 AM, since I felt my self very sleepy but once I had the sunrise, I was OK-fine again.
I had some bigger road closures not too far from Liverpool & some rainy weather also, plus I wasn’t able to reach in time to use with my road bike the Queens tunnel (bicycles only allowed to use this tunnel under the River Mersey during the nights until 6AM before the traffic getting busy as I mentioned before) so I had to reroute my track to home. I spent 10 hrs in the saddle to ride back to home & spent 13 hrs with the breaks together. So, I arrived to home on the next day (22nd of June) just before lunch time, before 12AM. Then I had to take a shower & eat, had to send message to my family members & close friends about I’m still alive, etc., so I went into my bed around 4PM. All in all I was very lucky with the weather & it was a great experience, amazing adventure, I been out to ride & climb for 31hrs & I was sleepless for 36 hrs! XD 😀

Just a short story before the pictures & YouTube video:

 I just stopped with my road bike at the Pen-y-grwyd Hotel for a short break just before I reached the bottom of Snowdon Peak & the road of Pen-y-Pass. It was great after almost the half-distance of my ride (approx. 161 km / 100+ miles) to have finally a half pint of cold beer (I drink alcohol very rarely, approx. every 4-8 months, so it’s means a lot, lol) & a large, big pot of coffee, 1st time after almost 12 hrs of short breaks & ride in the cracking, very hot weather.
 This lovely, little hotel in the middle of nowhere also included an also little (but also lovely & cosy) pub where I met with some tourists & also with some local people too. One of the local gentleman asked me about “Where did you come from?” (after, when he came out to the front of the hotel into the garden & seen my bike with my packs) & I told to him: “I rode here on my bike from Liverpool. I just started to ride here on the morning & I go back tonight after I climbed this great & popular Snowdon Peak here. :)”
Then he told me: “Oh, & they say British people are crazy. :)” He told me in totally neutral tone but in the same time he had a little smile on his face. Then we just enjoyed the weather & had a very little chat about where he came from & where I came from originally & this kind of things & so on.
Before he went back into the pub in the hotel, he is also asked me: “Do you like British beers?” Well, I don’t have any problem with most of the British beers, especially if it’s nice cold & I’m thirsty already. So I answered: “Yes, sure.” Then he just went back straight to his friends & from the front door he is already started to tell to his friends: “Hey, this guy came here from Hungary, just to have some British beer!” Well, my summary about local people in Snowdonia (Wales): they are maybe a little bit odd but probably that’s why I liked them! 😀 By the way in England also they, the Welsh people are the only one who still use their own languages, the Welsh language (Cymraeg) so far as I know. It’s also reminded me to Scotland, where everything is still written both in English & in Gaelic (Scottish language) too just like in Wales, where everything is both written in English & in Welsh too.
And now let me show my 31 hrs of adventure via my YouTube video, enjoy!^
Also my adventure in a few pics:

My 31 hrs adventure also on STRAVA:

https://www.strava.com/activities/1050388892 – Part 1
My ride from Liverpool into Snowdonia (From the biggest city of Merseyside into the greatest mountains of Wales) until the bottom of the Snowdon Peak. 160km with 2000m total elevation.
https://www.strava.com/activities/1050389480 – Part 2
My run & walk (climb) from the bottom of the Snowdon mountain (1085m) until the summit. Only 6km but had to climb 735m.
https://www.strava.com/activities/1050390225 – Part 3
My run & walk back from the summit to the bottom of Snowdon mountain (the highest mountains of Wales & England).
https://www.strava.com/activities/1050394124 – Part 4
Night ride back to home from the bottom of the Snowdon mountain to Liverpool. 172km with 1624m of total elevation.

My 31 hrs adventure on RELIVE:

https://www.relive.cc/view/1050388892 – Part 1
https://www.relive.cc/view/1050394124 – Part 2
https://www.relive.cc/view/1050389480 #3
https://www.relive.cc/view/1050390225 #4

More about RELIVE:


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